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What Are HotSpots

Our SonicHotSpots is a very simple content management for your web site. HotSpots allow you to control curtain parts of the web site that might change on a daily or weekly basis WITHOUT any knowledge of HTML. Although may have an excellent maintenance program with SonicSpider or elsewhere, you may find the need to respond rapidly in updating your website. The HotSpot tool allows business owners to manage their web site from their office or home and get "instant results" without having to make any phone calls or waiting to get on the update schedule.

If your are a web developer or want to maintain your own web site entirely, this tool is a great way to add fast and trouble free content management to any site, anywhere!

What Can HotSpots Be Used For?

Some of our clients have used our HotSpot tool for the following applications:

How Easy is it to Use the HotSpot Tool?

If you are a SonicSpder client:

We help you set up the HotSpots on your web site. All you have to do is log into your Administration Console and you are good to go!

If you are a Web Developer or Do-It-Yourself maintenance:

Just follow the simple steps...

  1. Create an account. One account per web site is generally best, but not required.
  2. Decide how many HotSpots you will have on any given web site and choose a usage plan
  3. Set up billing information
  4. Cut and Paste code into web site page
  5. Log into your Administration console and edit your HotSpot(s)

All done! You have just updated your own web site.

We are always on our toes try to bring our clients and all small business owners the best technology and tools to assist them with running their business more effectively on the web.

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